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City of Lagos Lagos Nigeria
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Africa commercial hub is the is the most developed and industrious as well as Nigeria largest city(though there are many who may argue with you that it is Ibadan or Kano). It is among the top ten of the world fastest-growing cities with a population of roughly 24 million(very true) and has the fourth-highest GDP in Africa, higher than most African countries and it economic strength is compared to none. It is said that Lagos is one of the cities in the world whose economy can survive difficult times in it own. It also serves as the nation economic capital. Also, it is where you can find one of the largest tech communities in Africa.(in pigin *you know na, naija finest all base here 🙂 *), with one of the largest and busiest seaports on the continent of Africa. As they say *Lagos no dey welcome you* *This is Lagos* Africa financial hub.